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Quality Control

Quality starts with our people and the dedicated resources made available on a daily basis, from Pre-Construction through to Post-Construction. Quality is about the dedication of individual team members, who take the time to assure that every detail is reviewed. We assess options for materials, design specifications, phasing and sequencing to maximize overall value. To monitor and improve the finished product, we employ rigorous quality at the source measures. In short, our team leaves no detail unchecked to ensure the best possible results.

Best Value Exploration

JCO & Associates understands that the objectives of “value” are not easily measurable. We further recognize how important budget compliance is to project success. Our Best Value Exploration professionals start by developing a preliminary budget to address the considerations of your refurbishment. We then develop a clearly defined budget, based upon strategic research and proactive planning. This occurs before construction begins and includes advance meetings with all relevant parties. We then work with project designers throughout the construction documentation phase to assure that all scope, cost, scheduling and quality goals are met. This is done through a process of “targeted value design”, where we evaluate each estimate and design to it, not the other way around. This process also includes design collaboration, constant communication and continual tracking of improvements and innovations that have a positive effect on the project. The JCO & Associates Best Value Exploration process ultimately leads to enhanced cost efficiencies, better communication and predictability, reduced waste and overall client satisfaction.


We understand that the environment matters. We take the time to seek out and recommend the most sustainable solutions for our clients’ projects, and the settings in which they reside. As the Greater Toronto Area's premier refurbisher of condominium common elements and quality interior spaces, we are often sought out by owners and designers for our sustainability expertise. Our LEED Accredited Professionals are knowledgeable about LEED specifications and requirements. This experience enables us to provide clients with the most advanced ideas in green building and sustainable construction practices.


Safety is an all-in deal for JCO & Associates, and our number one priority on the job. Our entire team has a stake in the equation to assure that everyone involved in our projects are safe from injury and accidents. Our team includes full-time safety officers, whose sole responsibility is to work with all employees to maintain safe job-site environments and prevent accidents. We also utilize independent safety consultants to train jobsite teams on safety procedures. Through this proactive initiative, all subcontractors are required to submit their own safety programs as part of their contracts. All of this combines to promote job sites where everyone is vested, everyone is accountable and everyone is safe.