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"To attain the realization of design vision and unparalleled client satisfaction through the delivery of timeless design solutions, innovative construction engineering and quality workmanship."

At JCO and Associates, we put people, organizations and communities at the center of everything we do. It is this focus on stakeholder relationships that we live by a core set of values:


Our clients and customers depend on us as trusted advisors. As individuals and as a firm, we commit to the highest ethical standards.

The Best People

To meet our clients' high expectations, we attract and retain the best people and remain committed to their long-term growth and development.


We are a learning organization. We believe in continuous improvement. Constructive communication with our stakeholders is key to our success. Without effective communication we cannot be compassionate to those we serve, bring about understanding, realize innovation, deliver the best solutions and ultimately execute our mission.

Quality Service and Value

We believe that quality of service is vital to customer satisfaction and overall success of our operations. Each JCO & Associates service is designed to yield maximum customer satisfaction to clients. Our professionals focus on adding value with each engagement. Whether it is designing a common element area or assuming an advisory role to a condominium board, quality service and value are at the forefront of every engagement.

Professional Excellence

In every aspect of our operations we strive for excellence. Our dynamic consultants and progressive strategic partners strive to be proactive, timely and responsive, serving our clients with the highest quality.


At JCO & Associates we have a culture of accountability that emphasizes responsibility and thoroughness. We are accountable to our clients and it is with this understanding that we value all relationships as we strive to attain our goals.


We practice and promote the conservation of nature and the earth’s energy resources.

A Spirit Of Partnership With Respect For All

We encourage candour, constructive debate and collaboration within practice groups to bring our best thinking and our best work to our client initiatives.


Our diverse people and points of view attract the biggest and best clients.

How We Run Our Business

Based on our values, which guide our day-to-day activities, we adhere to specific business practices that help us fulfill our mission, reach our goals, and achieve continuous improvement.