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We think green. We talk green.

At JCO & Associates, we believe that change is possible. We maintain that protecting the Environment is everyone's responsibility. We believe that the required action starts with developing awareness and understanding of environmental issues both on global and local scales.

Not only do we "think" and "talk" green, but we also execute with a green consciousness and a commitment to the protection of human health. Our services and solutions are based on the concepts of environmental stewardship, sustainability, quality of life and stakeholder partnership.

Our professionals and process partners possess a strong conviction to better the Environment and the quality of life for all. We only partner with those organizations and individuals that are committed to change. Without this commitment on every level our solutions cannot be as impactful as we desire.

We think green.  We talk green.  Let's act green!

JCO and Associates and its process partners are committed to act environmentally responsible and to promote resource-efficient measures throughout project life-cycles: from Design, Construction, Renovation, and Demolition. For this commitment to be realized in each and every project close cooperation of the Condominium Boards, Property Managers, Designers, Construction Professionals, and the resident municipalities at all project stages.

With a keen focus on the Environment, JCO is constantly exploring green alternatives when considering the Design and Construction aspects of its refurbishment projects. We have a history of responsible recycling and resource management, which are basic to the establishment of a safe and environmentally sensitive work sites.

To prevent or reduce as much as possible negative effects on the environment, JCO is proud to demonstrate leadership in constantly striving to attain the following:

 Reducing the overall carbon footprint (materials, energy use, equipment, design efficiencies, etc.) of its refurbishment projects.
 Utilizing construction methods and toxin-free materials that minimize harmful effects to people and the environment;
 Site management that allows for recycling and salvaging of on-site materials;
 Effective Construction Waste Management with emphasis on landfill diversion and minimal environmental impact associated with the extraction, transportation and disposal of construction materials;
 Recycling of carpet/broadloom;
 Recycling of wallcoverings;
 LEED Green Building Rating System green building and sustainable construction practices specification;
 Use of low VOC paints;
 Use energy efficient lighting such as CFL and LED lighting;