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The Edgewater Condos

Located in Richmond Hill, The Edgewater Condos was in need of the refurbishment of its Main Lobby, Corridors and Amenities. The JCO design team transformed the Main Lobby with a complete makeover of this space featuring a sophisticated color palette and new design elements. The flowing curves of the new ceiling detail and Concierge Desk created a new sensual feel for the Main Lobby.

The new entranceway featured floor-to-ceiling glass with new glass doors. New millwork was installed in the entranceway area with new doors and doorway millwork accents.

In the Main Lobby new millwork wall accents were installed complete with new wall sconce lighting. A new contoured Concierge Desk was installed with dark stained wood and stainless steel appointments. The Concierge Desk area was emphasized by new overhead LED lighting. New doors and millwork were installed for the entrance to the refurbished Elevator Lobby. New wall covering, floor tiling, paint and floor-to-ceiling mirrors added a polished look for the new design paradigm.

New tiling was installed in the Elevator Lobbies with applications of new paint and wall coverings. New millwork accents were installed around each elevator door to add to the ambiance of the lobby areas. Additional millwork accents and sleek wall sconce lighting were added to provide balance and a sense of continuity with the other refurbished areas. The new Elevator Lobbies ceilings were completed with new ceiling panels and paint.

The Residential Corridors were updated with stylish designer carpet, complementary wall covering, and paint. New wall sconce lighting and tasteful suite entranceway treatments (millwork staining and new door hardware) added to the new sensibilities of the refurbished Residential Corridors.

The Recreation Room was completely refurbished as the former kitchenette area was redesigned into a new bar serving area with new custom millwork, cabinetry, contoured ceiling, pendant lighting, LED lighting, mirrors and flooring. A new kitchen area was created with a new entrance. New carpeting, wall covering, paint, ceiling panels, LED lighting and window treatments completed the transformation of the Recreation Room.

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