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Grenadier Landing is located on the lakeshore just west of downtown Toronto. It is a two tower complex, each tower being 11 floors, with a total of 248 suites. It was built in 2003 and had a contemporary feel. Given the popularity of the area since this condo was built, many condos have popped up since and the values have risen dramatically. Although well maintained, the finishes in the building looked sub standard and did not reflect the value of the area.

The Board engaged with a designer to provide an updated, more stylish look to their corridors. An edgy colour scheme was introduced through new wall covering, paint and carpet design. Black Ceiling tiles replaced the standard industrial white variety. The suite doors were given special attention with stronger millwork and dark stain. Some of the more expensive finishes, such as their existing floor tile on the main floor and Ph level was kept and beautifully incorporated into the new design.

The look is now fresh, modern and very competitive in the area.


Encore At Crystal Tower Condominiums, at 8 Covington Road in Toronto, is a fifteen floor condominium building with a total 172 condominium suites.  It was built by Menkes Developments and was completed in the year 2000.

The Board started their refurbishment project in 2014/2015 with the main lobby as phase one and the residential corridors as phase 2. An overall design was selected for the whole building. The Lobby was transformed with a new colour palate reflected in wall covering, paint and soft materials. New floor tile was added and the lighting replaced. The transformation can be seen on our website.

Phase two, the corridors, began in early 2016. The corridors required a bit more finesse than the lobby as the base finishes, unlike the lobby, lacked interesting details and begged for some embellishing. Amazing features were added that made a remarkable difference. The new tile work that was added in the main lobby was continued through the ground floor corridor to the main elevator lobby then repeated on each residential floor. Rich, dark stained millwork was added at the elevator lobbies in the residential corridors and suite doors providing elegant accents. Mirrors and accent wall coverings added a more intimate and homey feel. But one of the most eye catching features was the carpet design. Stylish and rich. The elegant design transformed a mediocre corridor to one of warmth, elegance and style.


The Terraces of Woodbridge is a unique community of three mid-rise buildings located in Woodbridge (City of Vaughan), nearby to  Hwy 400. Two of these buildings are under one corporation and the third is under another. In addition , the buildings have common space that is governed by a Shared Facilities Board.

Managed by one company, these three boards cooperated and undertook their refurbishment as one project. The obvious results were cost savings to each corporation and some continuity of design that brought the slightly different configurations and finishes together. Have a look at our before and after pictures to see the changes in each building.


Gloucester Gate is located on the corner of Gloucester and Yonge. It is co-ownership that was built in the early 70s. Although the building had some interesting features they were worn and tired and oddly not consistent from floor to floor This was especially noticeable with the suite doors. It also had some other unique challenges. Each floor had exposed conduit that ran along the top of the walls that were somewhat unsightly . The designer and board wanted them hidden. This was done by building a crown molding to cover and house the conduit.

The designer unified the corridors and suite door treatments with one design and porcelain tile was added to each elevator lobby bringing elegance and a look of quality to the corridors.


The Residences of Strathaven was built in 200. It has 21 stories and 286 suites and is located close to Square One. The building had many good features and finishes but needed a refresh.

The board engaged with a designer to determine what needed refreshing and create a design scheme that would work with the solid existing features. The suite doors and hardware were bold and in very good condition. The lighting was current and didn't need replacing.

The focus was to change the carpet, wall covering and paint. The most significant change that impacted this refurbishment was the addition of tile at the elevator lobbies. The changes had a warm and rich impact on their corridors.


330 & 350 Rathburn Rd. West is a two tower condominium complex located near Square One in Mississauga. Built in 1989 by Tedley. I has 40 floors in total and 412 units with a large shared recreation facility. Each tower has its own lobby that had not yet been refurbished and ground floor residential corridors that only had a few items replaced for various reasons.

The condominium wanted to have their lobbies and ground floor residential corridors refurbished first and then continue the design to the rest of the residential corridors as a consecutive phase.

The lobby, although reasonably appointed with a concierge office and separate seating areas in each tower was dark and outdated. A major face lift was given and a clean, modern , bright design was introduced.

In the lobby, the concierge office walls were removed and a new functional and inviting desk was designed and installed. A new colour scheme was introduced through wall coverings and paint. New tile work was laid throughout and accent millwork was introduced to compliment the concierge desk. The condominium, with the help of their designer, will eventually purchase furniture to provide designated seating areas.

The residential ground floor corridors were designed to complement the lobby which will eventually be continued throughout the rest of the building.


Quantum Tower South was built in 2007 by Minto. It is located in the coveted area of Yonge and has 36 stories and 334 suites. Although reasonably new, many of the finishes looked tired and dull and needed a lift.

The board undertook a refurbishment of their corridors, in part to uplift the look of the corridors and keep up with the competing condominiums in the neighbourhood. JCO was awarded the refurbishment project and commenced the construction in June 2015. It was completed in November 2015.

What needed to be replaced most was the carpet, wall covering and paint. The other finishes such as the lighting, the suite doors and hardware still looked good. In addition, the board decided to add tile to the elevator lobbies which had the biggest impact on the look of quality in the building.

This refurbishment had just the impact it needed to make a significant difference to the overall look of this relatively new building.


In 2016 the Board awarded the corridor refurbishment to JCO. The corridors, like the lobby, were appointed with beautiful mill work at each suite door and elevator lobbies. With some further embellishments to the existing finishes the design concept of the lobby was continued throughout the corridors and reflected in the main finishes.

The millwork was slightly modified at each suite to accommodate an inset accent wall covering and then stained to the new colour of the millwork in the lobby. The millwork was also modified down the corridors to accommodate a fully framed floor to ceiling mirror that adds interest to the long corridors. The main wall covering was also replaced. High quality carpet with underpad was laid using a custom design that mirrored that of the new lobby carpet. Porcelain tile was installed in the elevator lobbies adding a rich feature to each corridor entrance. Custom wall sconces and ceiling lights replaced the existing. And lastly the ceiling tile and grid was also updated.

The result was dramatically beautiful.


With all this going for it, the corridors and lobby finishes and colour scheme were dated and no doubt detracted from the buildings amazing features. Green and pink carpet, egg crate light covers, and dull millwork needed to be updated to enhance the already great appeal of the building. The Board of Directors awarded JCO & Associates the corridor refurbishment project and we commenced in August of 2015.

The new design made a remarkable positive change to the aesthetics which will now appeal to a larger demographic. The lighting was updated by removing the egg crate covers in the bulkhead of each suite door and elevator lobbies and installing new LED pots. The suite door and elevator lobby millwork was modified and modernized with a deeper colour. The main wall covering was changed and accent wall covering was added to the suite door drops and elevator lobby walls. A the elevator lobbies were remodeled with a new coffered ceiling and floor tile. The carpet was custom designed and colored and grounded the full design. The rather industrial ceiling tile was replaced with one that was more elegant along with new running man exit signs. Overall this refurbishment made a significant positive change to the overall appearance and brought the design up to date and in line with competing buildings in the area. This will not doubt have a positive impact on the market values of the suites in this building.

The project was completed in March 2016.


The condominiums of 10 Yonge and 10 Queens Quay share a 30,000 square foot amenities area located on the second floor. The goal of the condominiums was to re-create the outdated and under-utilized amenities space with modernized full service amenities embracing technology and innovative design.

JCO worked with the Condominium Boards, Property Manager and Architect for the realization of a design vision by constructing the following amenities: full-facility Dance Studio, Internet Lounge, Board Room, Games Room, Billiard Room, Fitness Centre, Lounge, Movie Theatre, Party Room with kitchen facilities, Children's Playroom and Banquet Room with Bar.

Managing this extensive core shell build required JCO to: maintain operational exercise facilities, address unseen site conditions, maintain fire routes for residential owners throughout construction site, organize and supervise many trades to ensure the efficient execution of this complex refurbishment and aggressive construction schedule as per contractual agreement.

In Spring 2014, JCO and Brookfield Condominium Services were proud to reveal these stunning amenities to the owners with rave reviews. This project has positioned the Residences of the World Trade Centre as a benchmark for condominium amenities development and will no doubt have a positive impact on condominium owners' market values.

THE TERRACES OF THE OLD MILL - Main Lobby, Elevator Lobbies and Corridors    

The Terraces of the Old Mill Condominium Board requested the refurbishment of their Main Lobby, Corridors and Amenities. The JCO design team enhanced the sophistication and ambiance of the Main Lobby through the application of a rich stain to the millwork, floor-to-ceiling mirrors, new window treatments, paint and lighting. The new look of the millwork in the Main Lobby area, including the concierge desk, worked well with the colour accents of the flooring and the new furniture decor. The removal of bookshelves with full-length mirrors brightened up the space and added depth to the seating area while delivering a polished contemporary feel. Tiling was added and the window treatments were addressed to provide the necessary accents for the new design paradigm.

The Residential Corridors were updated with a stylish designer carpet, complementary wall covering and paint, darker stain on all wood finishes including the suite doors and new ceiling tile. A beautiful porcelain tile was added to the floor of the Elevator Lobbies which complimented the existing wall tile and new colour scheme. The Elevator Lobbies and corridors were completed with customized ceiling fixtures and wall sconces.


The Condominium Board of The Residences of Ridley Blvd requested JCO to refurbish the Main Lobby, Management Office, Meeting Room and Concierge area. Five years prior to this request, JCO had refurbished the Residential Corridors. With time the Main Lobby became dated and didn’t reflect the quality and finish the refurbished corridors.

Upon completion of the corridors, the condominium owners realized an increase in unit values. The expectation of the Lobby refurbishment is a further increase unit values as well as enhanced owner enjoyment.

The striking new design incorporated: an eye-catching circular floor tile motif reflecting the existing recessed circular ceiling, the repositioning of the fireplace to the end of the Lobby to enlarge the Lobby area, New Concierge Desk and a concealed entry into the Mail Room.


Located at Bathurst St. and Lawrence Ave in Toronto, the Crystal Towers & Encore at Crystal Towers condominiums received a striking Main Lobby makeover. The Main Lobby, a grand space with intricate millwork looked dated with its brown toned colour scheme, tired light fixtures, worn furniture/wall coverings and area rug. Keeping with the traditional and elegant feel of the building, the JCO design team transformed the Main Lobby area into something current, elegant and fresh that was well received by the owners.

Along with the new colour scheme reflected in the paint and wall covering, the inset area rug was replaced with a new complimentary tiled floor, elegant, durable custom covered furniture and a new stylish chandelier replaced the old, and the prominent concierge desk was given a new stain. The corporation also retrofitted their ceiling lights to LEDs.

MANHATTAN PLACE - Elevator Lobbies and Corridors    

Manhattan Place located at Yonge and Sheppard is one of the older and more spacious condominiums in the vicinity. The tower has twenty-three floors with 228 spacious units and a vast floor plan of common areas. It truly is a pillar in the condominium community. Over the last couple of years the board had realized that although the condo has some amazing features its interior finishes were definitely dated. Being in the Young Sheppard corridor, where many new condos were being built, they had to remain competitive and a refurbishment would greatly contribute to this.

Given the large scope of work required in the building the board chose to undertake their refurbishment in phases. The first phase was the corridors and the second would be the remainder of the common areas. The building has some trade mark brass art deco wall finishes throughout the 3 level lobby areas that the board wanted to keep. Complimentary to this was the brass detailing that continued throughout the residential corridors specifically; on the elevator lobbies, door hardware and the accessible ceiling constructed with a brass coloured paraline on the Penthouse level. The extensive use of brass throughout the corridors looked dated and to a certain degree gave a yellow hue to the corridors. These features were either removed or accented with a brushed stainless accent which updated the look.

A new colour palette was reflected in the paint, wall coverings, and carpet along with a bold colour that was applied to the doors. The upper levels had unique p-lam doors with a finish resembling birds eye maple. As these doors could not be treated with a dark finish the corporation opted to replace them so that they could be integrated into the new design. Each elevator lobby had a coffered ceiling installed with updated lighting and the existing tile was replaced. New lighting was also added along with door hardware.

The transformation was huge. The next phase is to carry this design scheme into the rest of their common areas.

EDGEWATER CONDOS - Main Lobby, Elevator Lobbies, Corridors and Recreation Room    

Located in Richmond Hill, The Edgewater Condos was in need of the refurbishment of its Main Lobby, Corridors and Amenities. The corridors lacked style and definition. The JCO design team transformed the Main Lobby with a complete makeover featuring a sophisticated color palette and new design and material elements. The flowing curves of the new coffered ceiling detail and Concierge Desk created a new visual interest for the Main Lobby.

The entranceway door was replaced with a floor-to-ceiling glass surround. The main lobby was modified by adding a new concierge desk, relocating the mail boxes to the corridor and closing of a metal doorway that was not necessary. This was all created with an elegant and peaceful colour scheme reflected in a beautiful porcelain tile, wall covering, millwork and mirrors. Led pots and elegant wall scones illuminated the new lobby.

The Residential Corridors were updated with an interesting and unique designer carpet, complementary wall covering, and paint. New wall sconce lighting and tasteful suite entranceway treatments (millwork staining and new door hardware) added to the new sensibilities of the refurbished Residential Corridors. Tile was added to the elevator lobbies adding definition and practicality.

The Recreation Room was also refurbished. A new kitchenette area was designed with custom millwork, cabinetry, contoured ceiling, pendant lighting, LED lighting, mirrors and flooring. New carpeting, wall covering, paint, ceiling panels, LED lighting, ceiling tiles and window treatments completed the transformation of the Recreation Room.

MAJESTIC II - Elevator Lobbies and Corridors     

The Majestic II was developed by Conservatory Group in 2004, this high-rise Toronto condo sits near Yonge St & Ellerslie Ave, in North York's Willowdale East neighbourhood. The Majestic II is a 24 storey / 285 unit condominium building, located at 18 Parkview Ave. Over time, the Elevator Lobbies and Residential Corridors became somewhat dated and the overall colour scheme reflected the apparent need for refurbishment. The Residential Corridors, with the yellowish hue of the wall covering and the green tone of the trim and carpet, looked outdated. The Elevator Lobbies were in need of refurbishment as the carpet, wall covering and trim were based on a dated colour palette. With the highly competitive North York condominium market, the Majestic II condominium board provided JCO with a mandate to provide a well-needed refurbishment of the Elevator Lobbies and Residential Corridors.

The JCO design team conceived a fresh contemporary look-and-feel for the Majestic II Residential Corridors and Elevator Lobbies. The new design paradigm was based on a new elegant colour palette that emphasized the existing design elements while providing a more welcoming feel for the condominium residents.

The effective use of complementary colours, textures, carpeting and lighting brought about a new design paradigm while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of the Residential Corridors and Elevator Lobbies. For the Elevator Lobbies a fresh new look was achieved by new wall coverings and the application of complementary colour accents to mouldings, lighting and tiling. The carpet was removed and the Elevator Lobby floors were appointed with intriguing tile inlay areas. The elevator walls received an interesting dark colour accent that provided the Elevator Lobby area with a contemporary two-tone appeal.

For the Residential Corridors JCO installed new carpet, replaced the ceiling panels, painted the moulding trim and applied new wall coverings to attain a handsome monochromatic look. The suite doors received new applications of wood stain. New overhead lighting accentuated the new design and added to the new sensibilities of the Residential Corridors.

QUEENS QUAY TERMINAL - Main Lobby and Corridors     

The Queen's Quay Terminal Condominium Board decided that a complete redesign was a necessary investment. Everything was replaced including; carpet, lighting, wallcovering, ceiling tile, suite doors and hardware. Special attention was given to the residential elevator lobbies.

New uniquely designed intricate tiled floors, ceiling detail, custom lighting, window treatments, elevator doors skins and furniture gave the Main Lobby an unprecedented contemporary elegance.

The Corridors of the Queen's Quay Terminal building received an extensive refurbishment that involved: carpet, lighting, wallcovering, ceiling tile, suite doors and hardware. Special attention was given to the residential elevator lobbies.

THE ATLANTIS - Corridors and Lobbies       

Located adjacent to Lakeshore Road and near Bathurst St., Atlantis is the larger of two towers that make up part of the Waterpark City Complex of condos.

The Atlantis is an upscale, hip building that begged to have a more contemporary design with a residential feel. The overall structural architecture of the two-lobby entrance was retained and the majority of the finishes where changed to provide a dramatic effect. The original feature wall in the Main Lobby with its dated wood-framed translucent acrylic panels, was re-invented into a majestic, vibrant, highly-reflective transitional tiled mosaic. Another unique consideration was the decision to keep the wall covering in the corridors as it was still in very good condition. The designer needed to choose colours and materials that would best complement the existing wall covering rather than starting from scratch.

Being a downtown building, it had very limited accessibility for the contractors to park. In addition, the lobby area to be renovated was the only means of access available to the residents. Safe access was required to accommodate residents at all times during the refurbishment. With careful planning, detailed daily scheduling and a continual clean work environment, we were able to overcome these issues. Careful scheduling of material arrival also became a challenge as some materials were ordered from abroad. Constant communication with suppliers enabled JCO to coordinate and execute the project efficiently.

THE PINNACLE - Corridors, Lobbies and Amenities       

The Pinnacle at 8 Hillcrest is located in the heart of North York’s city centre amongst many new and currently constructed condominiums. It is 28 stories high with a second floor amenity area and has 380 units.

The ideal location of this condominium building affords underground access to the subway, retail stores including a large grocery store, movie theatres and is in close proximity to schools. It is a gem in the area. At 15 years old it was beginning to show wear in its corridors and amenity areas and needed a facelift in order to compete with the newer surrounding condominiums. Beautifully designed carpet, new wall covering, paint, along with energy efficient , stylish lighting was implemented in the corridors and amenity areas in addition to new Gerflor Teraflex Sport flooring in their gym. No doubt this refurbishment will make them highly competitive in their growing condo community.

THE CHRYSLER EAST & WEST - Lobbies and Corridors      

New York Towers at Rean Drive near Bayview and Sheppard is a luxurious high-rise residential community located in the North York suburb of Toronto. JCO & Associates was commissioned to refurbish the Main Lobby and residential corridors of the exquisite Chrysler East and West buildings. JCO enhanced the sophistication and ambiance of the Main Lobby with custom millwork and the stylish application of paint, unique wall coverings, lighting and fine floor tiling. The Main Lobby and Lobby Corridors were appointed new paint, exquisite stone tile flooring and quality wall covering.

The Residential Corridors and Residential Elevator Lobbies were renovated with new paint, carpeting, lighting and unique wall coverings. The Liberty Club and amenities had new vinyl flooring installed in the Party Room with new paint, carpeting, tiles, wall covering and lighting in the various amenities rooms.

PALACE GATE - Lobby and Corridors     

Palace Gate was built by Tridel in 1995 as a high-end condominium in the Bayview/Finch area. Designed using very traditional materials such as wood panelling, travertine stone flooring, brass detailing and a predominately earthy palette, Palace Gate exuded luxury. The lobby featured a “Gone with the Wind” staircase with an elegant railing to the Lower Lobby and Party room, which gave the area particular character.

The Board of Directors along with the owners wanted to bring back the “Wow Factor” of the building with an elegant and timeless design that would appeal to multiple generations while still keeping the high end calibre of the building. An understated tasteful colour scheme was the base of the design. The wood panelling was liked by many of the residents but needed to be scaled back and stained to accent the chosen colour scheme. Although the lobby boasts a huge wall of windows that overlook the terrace, it was felt that a brighter ambiance to the two story lobby was needed to further showcase the already dramatic staircase.

The project at Palace Gate, in its entirety, was customized. Every area flowed visually to the next, and each area had its unique design features. From the outside entrance down to the fitness room the attention to detail required for this project was tremendous.

The reaction and the comments from the residents on the design and construction was extremely favourable; a very pleasing result for the Board. This was a challenging and time consuming project but very rewarding for both the Board and the residents. All have expressed their satisfaction with the quality of the construction and the capabilities and respectfulness of JCO and their trades. The Board felt that the Designer and JCO answered their request for a “wow” reaction to the new space. A party was held, attended by most of the owners, to celebrate the success of the project.

THE RIO CONDOS - Corridors, Lobbies and Amenities     

The Rio Condos is a mid rise building with 124 units that was built in 2002. The building is in the popular neighborhood of Davisville and is situated overlooking a tree lined trail. The building itself has a simple yet elegant structure and although well kept had a very dated look and colour scheme. All common areas were tackled in this refurbishment including the lobby, party room and residential corridors.

The medium brown tones on the prominent wood paneling in the lobby and suite doors were punched up with deeper richer tones. A more contemporary colour scheme was chosen to compliment the new dramatic wood tones. New lighting was added in the corridors, and tile in the elevator lobbies.

The main lobby received new furniture and art work including a bold sign behind the concierge with the condominiums signature address. This fresh new look was just what the condo needed to enhance their elegant structural features.

THE PINNACLE CENTRE - BUILDING A - Corridors and Lobbies     

The Pinnacle Centre is a condominium tower complex consisting of 4 towers (separate corporations) located on the former railway lands by Toronto’s waterfront at Yonge and Harbourfront. The complex was built by Vancouver based Pinnacle International. Building A, 16 Yonge St, was erected in 2006. This tower has 39 floors and 509 suites. JCO commenced construction in July 2013 and the project was completed in March 2014.

The scope of work in the residential corridors included carpet, wall covering, paint and new lighting on the ceiling and walls. The residential lobbies were further enhanced with millwork and new tiled floors. Although only 8 years old, the busy residential corridors were not only showing wear but the Board felt the design was lacking an upscale, contemporary feel that a building of this nature should have in order to compete with the growing number of new modern condominiums in the area.

This refurbishment will no doubt add value to the marketability of the suites.

TIP TOP TAILORS LOFTS - Corridors and Lobbies     

The Tip Top Tailor building is a historic property located near Toronto's waterfront. Built in 1929 by Bishop & Miller, the Art Deco building was originally a warehouse and office facility for the Toronto clothing retailer. Converted in 2005, the builder kept the main lobby’s original decor and tastefully finished the corridors around its original massive concrete pillars. This loft style condominium has great features of large suite doors and high ceilings. After 10 years some of the finishes showed signs of wear and tear.

JCO completed a refurbishment which included several wall coverings, new carpeting, paint and lighting. One challenged posed to JCO was adding new wall sconces throughout the corridors where they did not originally exist as part of the converted space. This new feature added and elegant dimension to the modern monochromatic colour scheme in Tip Top Tailor’s corridors.

SOHO LOFTS - Corridors and Party Room

Soho Lofts was a true conversion in the Yonge & Eglinton area. Featuring modern trademarks of a loft such as high ceilings, suspended ceiling panels, and polished concrete floors. However, the building was in need of some finishing touches. The tall suite entrances were made to look majestic by changing the colour to black and adding a vertical stainless panel with new door hardware. The Elevator Lobbies were given a contemporary feature wall and the polished concrete floor in the Main Lobby was continued to each residential floor.

THORNWOOD RESIDENCES - Corridors and Party Room

The upscale condominium called Thornwood Residences are located in a highly coveted area just south of Yonge and St. Clair. The tastefully decorated lobby leads one into the corridors which are elegantly adorned with some wood mouldings around the suite doors and simple chair rails on the walls. The Designer suggested adding additional millwork to further enhance the already rich millwork. Pillasters were added around the suite doors, cornice moulding at the ceiling and the chair rails were further enhanced with wood panelling beneath. A more vibrant paint and wall covering was added with an elegant traditional carpet pattern and elegant ceiling fixtures. The result was an image of fine elegance.

The refurbishment at Thornwood Residences was accomplished in two phases. The corridors first and once completed the party room was tackled. The Party Room was redesigned into a more functional and efficient space. The kitchen was relocated and rebuilt to provide a better environment for entertaining. New carpet, wall covering, paint and lighting gave it an admirable facelift.

THE RIO II - Corridors, Lobby and Party Room

The Rio ll condominium is located in the trendy upscale area of Yonge and Davisville amongst a street of many condominium towers. Built in 2002 its finishes, although well kept, were dated and fading and the Board needed to consider its competitive edge amongst its newer neighbourhood condominiums. The designer suggested changing the colour scheme and adding a contrast of colour to add interest to the residential lobbies and suite doors. The party room was also included in the refurbishment

JCO executed the design by implementing the following measures in the corridors; carpet, wall covering, paint, stain, tile at the residential elevator lobbies and t-bar ceilings. The party room’s major change included a new vinyl floor – beautiful and practical


The Rockefeller is one of the prestigious buildings located and the popular Bayview and Sheppard intersection across from Bayview Village. With many condominiums being built in the area, the Board at the Rockefeller believed that they needed a facelift even though their building was less than 10 years old.

They engaged with a designer who provided excellent suggestions on updating the great bones of their interior. JCO executed the refurbishment with new carpet, paint, wall covering staining of suite doors, new tile at the elevator lobby and modern t-bar ceilings. This condo looks fresh and very attractive and now is a real competitor amongst its neighbors.

THE RIVIERA - Guest Suites and Gym Room

The Riviera is located in the popular lakeshore area. With 517 units their guest suites and gym get a lot of use. It was time for a refurbishment of these areas. The guest suites had a significant make over with new carpeting, wall covering, paint, furniture and bathroom accessories making this a cozy place for the even the fussiest of in-laws. The gym was given a more spacious look by adding mirrors, lighter paint colour and the latest in rubber flooring.

ST. GEORGE - Lobby Refurbishment      

The St. George refurbishment underscored JCO’s project hallmarks of workmanship, collaboration and pride with the extensive renovation of the condominium Residential Corridors, Lobby, Parking Levels and building exterior.

The dramatic transformation of the charming but dated common areas were modernized with a contemporary look and feel. The parquet flooring and wood trim of the Main Lobby and Concierge areas were replaced with beautiful tile flooring, a modern fireplace, new ceiling profile with new lighting to create a bright and inviting space. The whole concept of the new Main Lobby and Concierge areas was brought together by the custom millwork accents and the frameless glass entrance. JCO completely refurbished the elevators and renovated the exterior to the building by installing a new main entrance canopy.

JCO custom millwork refreshed the Residential Corridor columns and suite doors while new carpeting, paint, wallcovering and door staining provided for the complete renovation of the Residential Corridors.

MUIR PARK - Corridors and lobbies     

The Condominium Board of Muir Park approached JCO for the refurbishment of its Main Lobby and Residential Corridors with the main objective to deliver an updated look-and-feel. An elegant neutral palette was selected with a sophisticated decor to enhance its existing elegant features.

The Main Lobby was re-created with a new eye-catching ceiling and new lighting. The removal of old millwork with fresh wallcovering and paint accents delivered a vibrant ambiance. The new black granite Concierge Desk was a notable improvement and made a great first impression when entering the building through the main entrance.

The significant improvement of the Residential Corridors was realized by the continuation of the neutral palette theme in wall covering and carpet with the contrasting elegant rich dark staining of the millwork and doors.

EGLINTON PLACE - Corridors and lobbies

The Condominium Corporation of Eglinton Place commissioned JCO to refurbish its Ground Floor Corridor and Concierge, Residential Corridors, Staircase and Parking Areas.

For the Residential Corridors (2nd floor to Penthouse level) JCO installed new carpet, painted the ceiling / baseboard mouldings and applied new wall coverings to attain a handsome monochromatic look. The elevator lobby areas for each floor received an appointment of custom stone work. New lighting was installed to accentuate the new design.

The Ground Floor lobby area received an appointment of new carpeting, paint, wall covering and stain on the extensive woodwork. JCO Trades Professionals provided custom millwork for a new Concierge Desk area and elevator fronts for all floors. A long carpet runner was installed to enhance the majestic staircase.

New paint and wall covering were applied to the parking levels (P1, P2 and P3).

GRAND TRIOMPHE II - Corridors and Lobbies

The condominium board of the Grand Triomphe II condominium requested JCO & Associates to update the ground floors and Residential Corridors. This refurbishment involved the introduction of a new design which incorporated new custom millwork and floor and wall tile in the Residential Elevator Lobbies. New paint, wall coverings, lighting (overhead and wall sconces) ceiling detail and door treatments (door staining and new door hardware) provided a fresh new look.

This refurbishment greatly enhanced the look of the Residential Corridors as the new design elements brought about a sleek and polished feel.

FOREST MANSIONS - Corridors, Lobbies and Party Room

The Forest Mansions Condominium Board engaged JCO for the refurbishment of its Main Lobby, Residential Corridors and Party Room. The Main Lobby was updated through a tasteful choice of paint, new wall covering and lighting. The complimentary colour accents did wonders to accentuate the fine features of the lobby areas.

The Residential Corridors received a significant upgrade as the dated and bland wallpaper was updated with more modern, striking and durable wall covering. The carpet was replaced and new wall sconces provided a polished look.

THE EMPIRE - Corridors

The Empire needed a facelift. Although a relatively new building, built in 2005, the finishes were already looking worn and dated. JCO painted the Residential Corridors and replaced the carpet and wall covering with a modern design and colour scheme. The amenity corridors included the same but a vinyl flooring was used instead of carpet to accommodate the extra traffic.

THE BENTLEY - Corridors, Lobbies and Exteriors

This condominium refurbishment involved the renovation of the Residential Corridors, Main Lobby, Amenities, P1 Level parking and Townhouse Corridors.

The Main Lobby was updated with new wall covering, new stairway railings and a relocated Concierge area with custom millwork. The Residential Corridors were updated new carpeting, wall covering, paint and lighting.

This refurbishment enhanced the look of this hidden gem within the core of downtown Toronto.

EMPRESS PLAZA - Corridors and Lobbies     

In 2011, JCO was awarded the corridor refurbishment of the Empress Plaza condominium at 35 Empress in North York. A new design paradigm for the corridors was conceived using a new colour palette which was reflected in the corridor wall coverings, floor tiling and paint. A rich stain was added to each suite door and bulkhead lighting made a significant impact in modernizing the look of their corridors.

In 2013 JCO was brought back to provide a facelift to the condos Main Lobby. The design vision for the Main Lobby called for the creation of a brighter more contemporary space. The old granite flooring was replaced with a sophisticated choice of tile flooring. Full length mirrors were installed by the elevators for added depth and a new ceiling profile, complete with new LED lighting, further added to the ambiance of this space. New wall covering and paint completed the transformation of the Main Lobby area.

ICON II - Corridors and Lobbies

JCO was to refurbish the Icon II Residential Corridors and Parking Levels. The new design concept included the application of new paint and wall coverings with the installation of new carpet. The colour of the carpet, wall coverings and paint was based on a very complimentary neutral palette.

JCO installed new lighting that provided a sophisticated ambiance and highlighted the finer aspects of the wall coverings, paint, carpet and decorative tiles in the Elevator Lobbies. Mouldings were repaired and replaced where needed and all suite doors and trim were painted.

CITYSPHERE - Corridors and Lobbies     

JCO was requested to undertake a lobby and corridor refurbishment at the Citysphere condominium. The Main Lobby was significantly modified by removing the elevated seating area to provide accessibility. The entire colour scheme was enhanced with a sleek, sophisticated finish of predominantly white tiling with black accents. Custom millwork was used to transform the Lobby areas and Concierge Desk. Elegant wall sconces and a chandelier provided the finishing touches for this fresh elegant new look.

The Residential Corridors were renovated with new carpet, paint, wall coverings and door treatments (painting of doors and moulding). The carpeting, wall tiles and lighting in the Parking Elevator Lobbies were replaced with new wall and floor tiling as well as new lighting.

THE CARLYLE II - Corridors and Lobbies     

The Carlyle II, located in one of Toronto's most alluring residential areas, required a refresh to meet the standard of the prestigious area and enhance the elegant finishes in the building.

A new design concept was brought to reality through the incorporation of new carpet, wall covering, lighting, paint and door treatments for the Residential Corridors. In addition, the Elevator Lobbies were refurbished with new paint, accent wall coverings and decorative tile.

The Residential Corridors were renovated with new carpet, paint and wall coverings. The carpeting and wall tiles and lighting in the Parking Elevator Lobbies were replaced with new wall and floor tiling as well as new lighting.

ATRIUM II - Corridors and Lobbies     

JCO delivered an extensive refurbishment of the Lobby, Residential Corridors, Party Room, Guest Suites, Board Room, Gym and P Levels for the Atrium II condominium building.

The design vision for the Lobby area called for a significant transformation of this space. JCO skilled Trades Professionals installed beautiful hardwood flooring, provided custom millwork for several design elements (including a new Concierge Desk) and installed custom milled stone and tile. New paint, wall coverings and staining brought about a cohesive update for the new decor. New lighting was installed to accentuate the new design elements. A very stylish water feature was added as a marquee element of this new design paradigm. The residents of the Atrium II were very pleased with the significant upgrade of the new Lobby areas.

The Residential Corridors were updated with new custom carpeting, paint and wall covering. The Party Room received a new vinyl floor, kitchen, paint, wall covering and tiling. The P Levels were appointed with new paint, wall coverings and tile while the Board Room was updated with new paint, carpeting, wall covering and lighting.

In all, this major refurbishment created an fresh look and feel for this condominium building. The Condominium Board was quite pleased with its return on its investment as the condominium owner voiced their pleasure and delight with their new surroundings.


JCO was given the mandate to work translate the Designers and Boards vision to update and brighten the grand lobby of the Royal Pinnacle. High coffered ceilings, extensive wood panelling and granite floors provided an elegant backdrop for the updated look. The dated dull gold colouring on the wood panelling with burgundy accents in the ceiling were refreshed with an elegant warm white, now the canvass from which to work.

JCO implemented the Designer’s vision with the practical desires of the Board. A new concierge desk was build that enabled better visual accessibility to the three entrances of the lobby. Dark custom panelling on either side of the sitting area enhanced the elegant walls with two focal areas, one adorned with a beautiful painting and the other with a decorative fire place. New carpeting with an elegant pattern and a light amount of colour defined two seating areas which were dressed with elegant, stylish yet durable furniture. The final accent was a contemporary chandelier hung over the concierge desk.

CELEBRITY PLACE - Lobbies     

A new design concept was conceived for the Lobby area. JCO created a new custom milled stone Concierge Desk. The Lobby area was given a whole new look and colour scheme as new paint, carpeting, wall covering and other design accents were used to bring a more contemporary feel to this space. New furniture and decor elements were incorporated to complete the recreation of this Lobby.